Registry Manager

Using Portainer CE, you can define and use an external Docker Registry, performing simple tasks such as pushing and pulling images to and from the registry; however, there is no mechanism to browse within a registry to see or manage the content.

The Portainer Registry Manager (RM) extension is a paid-enhancement to Portainer CE, that extends Portainer CE with capability to browse defined registries and manipulate their content. By using the Portainer RM extension, container users enjoy the benefit of having a single interface to manage any docker registry deployment*, providing a consistent look and feel across any provider.

Registry Manager enables simple operational management of your docker registries and their content, such as browsing the registries, exploring repositories and images, manipulating the tags that are attached to repositories and images, adding new tags, and deleting existing tags. Registry Manager enables you to retag an image to promote it through the deployment lifecycle, or simply add or remove tags to annotate changes or usage.

Of course, registries are generally a dynamic environment, with images being frequently added, but are never removed due to the lack of CLI commands. This uncontrolled growth can slow the response time of the registry and consumes hard drive space. Registry Manager allows you to clean up legacy images by safely deleting unused images.

Portainer Registry Manager is available for only US$9.95 per year. The subscription is available from the Extensions menu in the sidebar of the Portainer app. Upon completion of the purchase process the appropriate license will be emailed automatically.

* Currently supported registries: Private Docker registry (with registry API v2), Azure Container Registry, Sonatype Nexus3

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