External Authentication Extension


The External Authorization extension is designed to assist all users in securing access to the power of the Portainer CE toolset, without having to maintain a disparate list of users and passwords within the product. Prior to this extension, all user credentials needed to be manually updated as staff changed.

Licensed per Portainer instance per year. Upon completion of the purchase process the appropriate license will be emailed automatically. 90 day money back guarantee applies.

Please note that Portainer Version 1.20.2 or later is required to support the External Authentication extension.

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Important Note:

You are welcome to purchase the External Authentication Extension, however please note that this product will be retired from August 31, 2020.

The functionality of all extensions (RM, RBAC and External Authentication) is being upgraded and included in the new Portainer 2.0 Business Edition, scheduled for release  on 30 September 2020.

If you choose to purchase an extension between now and August 31, please review the special offer we have for you here: https://www.portainer.io/extension-changes


With the introduction of our External Authorization extension, Portainer is pleased to provide OAuth based industry standard authorization as an enhancement to the open source Portainer CE toolset.

Once licensed and enabled, the extension provides an additional authentication option within Portainer settings, called OAuth. Within this option is the ability to connect Portainer to Microsoft Azure AD, Google gSuite/Cloud Authentication, and GitHub Authentication. In addition, we provide a “custom” option where you can connect to any OAuth provider by imputing the correct URI fields.

Licensed per Portainer instance per year. Upon completion of the purchase process the appropriate license will be emailed automatically. Portainer is unable to offer a trial license on this product. However a 90 day money back guarantee applies to all purchases

NOTE: To use this extension, you must be running Portainer version 1.20.2 or higher. Please check the version you are using in the bottom left of your Portainer instance.