Portainer Extension Software

Extend Portainer to Manage Large, Complex Container Environments

Portainer CE is a great way of managing clusters, provisioning containers and services and managing container environment lifecycles. To extend the benefit of Portainer CE even more, and to address the needs of larger, complex or critical environments, the Portainer team provides a growing range of low-cost, closed source Extensions.

As the diagram below shows, running a successful production container environment requires a range of capability across a number of complex technical areas.


Available through a simple ‘in-app’ subscription process, Portainer Extensions answer this need and provides a simple way to enhance the functionality that Portainer makes available through incremental capability in important areas.

The vision for Portainer is to be the standard management layer for container platforms. In order to achieve this vision, Portainer CE will be extended across a range of new functional areas. In order to ensure that Portainer remains the best choice for managing production container platforms, the Portainer team have chosen a modular, extensible design approach, where additional capability can be added to the Portainer CE core as needed, and at very low cost.

The advantage of an extensible design is clear: While a range of capability is available, only necessary functionality is added as and when needed.

Portainer CE is the open core of the Portainer management environments. Portainer CE will continue to be developed and made freely available as part of our deep commitment to our Open Source heritage and our user community under the zlib license. Portainer CE will always deliver great functionality and remain the industry standard toolset for managing container-based platforms.

Portainer extensions are being progressively released across these areas:

Portainer Extensions (and our range of value added services) are designed to offer enhanced functionality, particularly for those organisations looking to build, manage and maintain docker based platforms for in a critical business environments

Business Support Services

Take advantage of our cost effective support options to keep your Portainer environments running smoothly

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Technical Documentation

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Professional Services

Engage with the Portainer Team to manage your container platform, or get design and build assistance from the experts.

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