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November 6-9, Chicago IL

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2023

KubeCon 2023 - Landing Page

Opportunities to Connect and Learn

  • 2 Hour Hands on Training (Details Below)
  • Networking Lunch
  • Meeting Suite @ Chicago Marriot Marquis
  • Hallway Track
  • Coffee Chat

Meet the Team

Neil Cresswell-1
Sean O'Dell
Head of Developer Relations and Marketing
Neil Cresswell
CEO and Co-Founder
2 Hours Hands On Training

Kubernetes the Easy Way

Portainer team will provide you with all the infrastructure needed, just bring your laptop along.

  • Deploy Portainer on a single node Kubernetes ‘management cluster’ in Civo
  • Deploy an “on-prem” 3x Node MicroK8s Cluster (with metrics, MetalLB, OpenEBS)
  • Deploy a 3 node Kubernetes Cluster in Civo
  • Configure centralised user access to Portainer by integrating with GH Auth
  • Configure centralised RBAC policies for the two clusters
  • Configure Ingresses for the cluster
  • Define registry access and propagate to the two clusters
  • Download the kubeconfig file for Portainer, and see the API proxy for the 2x clusters via kubectl, OpenLens, k9s
  • Configure OPA Gatekeeper and apply recommended security policies
  • Set Namespace Quotas (CPU, RAM, Disk, LB) and see how they are applied
  • Create a GitOps Pipeline to deploy an application to the clusters
  • Triage the application using Portainer

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