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Industrial IoT Edge Device and Application Management Made Easy

Europe, 28 September @ 3pm CEST

Industrial IoT solutions have the potential to revolutionize manufacturing, logistics, energy, and other sectors. As organizations increasingly embrace IIoT solutions, it becomes evident that this technology is not only reshaping industrial operations but also driving innovation and competitiveness on an unprecedented scale. If you're tackling any of these challenges, this webinar is for you:

• Manual Edge device onboarding and application deployment
• Securing communications across OT and IT networks
• Upskilling your existing team to adopt and manage Edge devices

What you will learn

What you will learn:
In this session, you'll learn how Portainer enables you to update your containerized applications and the corresponding configurations at scale across your fleet of Edge devices to meet the demands of various Industrial IoT use cases.

Following a brief intro from Sean O’Dell, join Andrew Heimerman, Portainer Field Application Engineer as he walks through some of our latest Portainer features which focus on:

• Edge device fleet management based on application and configuration management
• One-Touch-Onboarding of new Edge devices
• IT security best practices across OT and IT networks

Event Details

Thursday 28 September
3pm CEST
2pm London
7am CST
8am CDT