How to deploy a new container

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From Portainer UI you can deploy stacks, services, and containers. In this help article, you will learn how to deploy a new container.

Deploying a new container

Once you logged in to Portainer and pick the endpoint where you want to create the container, do a click in Containers and then click in Add Container button.

Create containers from Portainer is very easy









In the next screen, you will able to name your new container and type the name of the image that you need to deploy.

Also, you will able to expose ports for that container, map volumes, and do several types of configurations for this new container.

Configure the container according to your needs.









At the bottom of the page, you will able to set up any configuration that you need for this container.







Once everything is set up, do a click on the button. Deploy the container. If all works as expected, you will see your new container listed.

Your web server is ready to start to work.

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