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Use the following instructions and guidelines to contribute to the Portainer project.

Build Portainer locally


Ensure you have Docker, Node.js >= 6, yarn and Golang (>= 1.11) installed on your system.


Checkout the project, set up the project inside your $GOPATH and go inside the root directory:

$ git clone
$ mkdir -p ${GOPATH}/src/
$ ln -s ${PWD}/portainer ${GOPATH}/src/
$ cd portainer

Install dependencies with yarn:

$ yarn

Build and run the project:

$ yarn start

Access Portainer at http://localhost:9000


The frontend application will be updated when you save your changes to any of the sources (app/**/*.js, assets/css/app.css or index.html). Just refresh the browser.

Contribution guidelines

Please follow the contribution guidelines on the repository.

Contributing to the documentation

Checkout the project and go inside the root directory:

$ git clone
$ cd portainer-docs

Update the documentation and trigger a local build:

$ docker run --rm -v ${PWD}/docs:/src portainer/docbuilder:latest make html

This will create a local folder docs/build/html where you will find the generated static files for the documentation.

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