How to add LDAP authentication to Portainer

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Portainer supports several authentication mechanisms. Currently has an Internal Authentication mechanism, LDAP and OAuth Support. In this help article, you will learn how to connect Portainer to your LDAP Server.

Note that all your users created before connecting to LDAP that will be converted as LDAP Users except the administrator account that going to stay as Internal Account.

Connecting Portainer to a LDAP Server.

Once you logged in to Portainer, do a click in Settings and then in Authentication and choose LDAP

Click in Settings, then Authentication and choose LDAP









Configure the basic settings of you LDAP Server and do a click in Test Connectivity button. If everything goes well, you will see the green pop up.

Add the details to connect to your LDAP Server.









The next step is specify more details of your LDAP Server, fox example, the Base DN and Group Base DN, when that details were entered, do a click in Save Settings button.

Is important enter the details correctly













To try if the authentication based in LDAP works, try to connect to with a user in the group or OU specified in the configuration. If everything goes well, you will able to login and see the user in the list of Users.

Note that guest1 is from LDAP Server.


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