How to add/create a new volume

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Volumes are used to make persistent storage and you will able to manage them from Portainer.

In this help article, you will learn how to add/create a new volume.

Creating a volume

Once you logged in to Portainer and select the endpoint, do a Click in the Volumes option in the menu and then do a click in Create Volume button.

Volumes are key to persist data in containers.









The next thing to do is name that volume. If you're using NFS or CIFS volume, you can activate the toggle in this screen. Once its set up, do a click in Create the volume button.

Portainer is capable to manage NFS and CIFS volumes.









If everything works as expected, you will see the new volume created.

The volume appear as unused and that's ok, at this time, that volume isn't attached to any container.

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