How to add a new registry

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Portainer is capable to connect to the main registries. From Portainer you will able to connect to, Azure Container Registry, Gitlab Container Registry, and a Custom Registry. In this help article, you will learn how to add a new registry.

Add a new registry

Once you logged in to Portainer, do a Click in Registries and then Add Registry.

Do a click in Registries and then in Add Registry









In the following screen, you can add your credentials details for connecting to, Azure and Gitlab. Once the details were entered, click in Add Registry button.

Choose the registry that you want to use









How to add a Custom Registry

Portainer is able to connect to your own or 3rd party registries. To do so, you need to select Custom Registry and enter the details there.

The required details are the name of the registry and address, if any authentication is required, you must enable the toggle and add your login details.

Enter the details of your custom registry









Once all the details were entered, do a click in the Add Registry button. If everything goes well you will able to see your custom registry listed.

The green pop up confirms that the custom registry was added.


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