Deprecated and removed features

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Deprecated features

This section lists features and capabilities that have been marked as deprecated, and should no longer be used. Features and capabilities marked as deprecated will no longer receive enhancements or support.

The table below provides an overview of deprecated features and capabilities. The Deprecated column contains the release in which the feature was marked deprecated, whereas the Remove column contains a tentative release in which the feature is to be removed. If no release is included in the Remove column, the release is yet to be decided on.

Feature Deprecated Remove
Specifying external endpoints via JSON via --external-endpoints v1.24.0 v2.0
Setting time between endpoint synchronization requests via --sync-interval v1.24.0 v2.0
Disabling Portainer internal authentication via --no-auth v1.24.0 v2.0
Specifying a templates file to load on first run via --templates-file v1.24.0 v2.0
Preventing Portainer from running a snapshot of endpoints via --no-snapshot v1.24.0 v2.0


Removed features

This section outlines features & capabilities that have been removed from Portainer.

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