Portainer Business – A fork in the road

Continuing the theme of big changes in the Portainer world, today we’re announcing that we will be releasing a commercial version of Portainer in the next couple of months.

While our detailed thinking around the commercial versions of Portainer will be posted closer to the release, I would like to take this opportunity to outline our thoughts, as this is a pivotal and often polarizing moment in any OS project history.

Portainer Update, March 2020..

Hi Portainer fans... time for a little update..

Sorry for the long delay between blog posts, but our little team has been kept quite busy building support for Kubernetes into Portainer, working on our next release, and extending our Edge Compute functionality.

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DockerCon thoughts..

So I had the great pleasure to attend DockerCon in San Fran this year, and what a DockerCon it was. It seems every year the number of "its my first ever DockerCon" attendees keeps increasing, which is a great sign for the technology's adoption.

This year i decided to host a number of hallway tracks, and also ran a beer and pizza meetup on the monday night prior to DockerCon.

Captains (b)Log – Part 2

As the open source core, Portainer CE remains very much a live project within the open source community. Since June 2018, the Portainer.io team has released versions 1.18.0 through 1.20.2 with a range of new features and capability. If you haven’t tried Portainer recently, here’s what you will find:

Agent Support – If you are using a distributed Docker environment, you can now deploy an agent to your remote Docker Hosts (Windows or Linux, Swarm or Standalone), negating the (arguably risky) need to expose your Docker daemon externally.