Get your containerized apps up and running fast

Let anyone deploy apps quickly, easily and securely 

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Deploy apps into Docker, Swarm or Kubernetes quickly, easily and securely

If you're familiar with Docker (and potentially Portainer) its likely you will have built up a library of Docker Compose files, and/or Portainer App Templates that get your apps up and running in a quick and repeatable manner. Compose files tell Docker how to deploy and configure your application and are a key enabler of developer efficiency.

If you've made the decision to transition to Kubernetes you can re-use your Docker Compose files / App Templates to deploy your app in any Kubernetes environment using Portainer.

Equally, if you've procured an app that only runs in Kubernetes, you can use Portainer to radically simplify the deployment process by letting Portainer do the heavy lifting for you. 

Portainer lets you deploy ANY application that has its deployment instructions stipulated for Docker, in Kubernetes, without you having to do any translations yourself. Portainer lets you either directly reuse docker-compose files, or transpose “docker run” commands into our UI with ease.

Portainer does the heavy lifting for you, all you need to do is install Portainer in your environment, which is a simple process - follow these instructions.


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Key benefits

  • Shorter time to value on new applications
  • Reuse of existing efforts spent creating Compose files
  • Faster, more accurate deployment
  • Lower TCO of containerized environment
  • Lower training overhead on staff

Once you’ve got your app up and running, Portainer will let you:

  • Observe the performance and behavior of your application
  • Set resource quotas to optimize application performance and control cost
  • Control who can do what to the environment with fine grained permissions
  • Create an audit log of who did what and when

In addition to helping users get started with Kubernetes, Portainer also supports Docker Swarm, so the one tool can manage both your old world and your new world.

Case study: Up and running in 5 days flat

This customer is a large financial services company based in the US. The executive team decided to buy a new core finance app but for whatever reason, didn't consult the IT team before committing. As is increasingly common, the app vendor only shipped the application as Docker container image with associated Compose files. The IT team were given 2 weeks to get the app up and running and had very limited Kubernetes expertise on staff, although they did have Docker experience. The customer did not want to run a critical application without orchestration and needed their IT staff to manage it.

Thanks to their prior knowledge, the team was able to construct a Docker Compose file that deployed the new application on their workstations and then, with the help of Portainer, reuse this same Compose file to deploy against Kubernetes. The application went live on time, in a managed Kubernetes environment, with a load balanced service and persistent storage.