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by Neil Cresswell, on July 6, 2022

Kubernetes is getting a lot of love in the Dev and DevOps community, and rightfully so. This survey from CNCF found that there are now nearly 7M cloud-native software developers …

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by Neil Cresswell, on July 1, 2022

This is a question we get asked almost daily by people looking for a Kubernetes management platform. So we've done the research and created a comparison table for Portainer vs …

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by Neil Cresswell, on June 26, 2022

In Portainer Business Edition 2.13 we introduced the notion of users being able to dynamically create clusters for a small number of cloud providers (Linode, Civo and Digital Ocean). As …

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by James Carppe, on June 22, 2022

Portainer version 2.14 is now available in both Community Edition and Business Edition. It includes a number of changes and updates as well as some new Business Edition-specific features. For …

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by Neil Cresswell, on March 21, 2022

A questions we often get asked is "who is responsible for what inside Kubernetes?" Whilst the answer really depends on your organizational structure and how segmented your teams are, I …

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by Neil Cresswell, on March 8, 2021

So what's the difference between Portainer Community Edition (CE) and Business Edition (BE). Let's take a quick look at the main comparison points. Portainer CE came first. It's our widely …

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