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Container Management Made Easy

Portainer is the definitive open source container management tool for Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Swarm and Azure ACI. It allows anyone to deploy and manage containers without the need to write code.


Measurable business benefits

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Simplify your app management

Portainer removes the complexity associated with container platforms, which means you get to spend your time developing and managing applications not configuring the supporting container platform.

With Portainer, the risk of misconfiguration is reduced. Orchestrators like Swarm and Kubernetes are very difficult to configure and it’s easy for engineers to set them up badly. Portainer surfaces all of the key parameters and makes container config easy.

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Reduce your IT costs

Portainer significantly reduces the complexity and thus the time it takes to manage containerized applications. The time savings are material, which allows you to manage your application suite with less resource. 

With an intuitive human-centric interface, container management can be done by traditional IT ops teams’ who are generally less expensive and more readily available than the more modern SRE, which further drives down the cost of managing application


Secure your container platform

Portainer puts a security and governance ‘wrapper’ around the container management platform that makes container management robust, secure, auditable and scalable, which are Enterprise-essential features not native to orchestration platforms.

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Future proof your IT strategy

Because Portainer is platform neutral, you don’t have to worry about the platform obsolescence. Portainer allows you to move between orchestrators and hosts seamlessly giving you the confidence you need to double down on containers.