Docker Hub rate limits

So, the 2nd of November has been and gone, and Docker are now enforcing Docker Hub pull rate limits... have you been caught out yet ? I know many have...

One aspect of Docker Hub that is not well understood is that their "pulls" counter/metric is actually a representation of the number of times that a manifest for a particular image has been retrieved; It is not an indicator on the number of times an image has actually been downloaded.


So, the time has finally arrived. Portainer CE 2.0, with support for Kubernetes is finished... and it will be released to the public on Aug 31st.

Why are we so excited about this?

Well, because we have made Kubernetes so easy to use that you don't actually need to know ANYTHING about Kubernetes to use it.

Security settings introduced in Portainer 1.24.1

Hi Portainer Fans...

As you would have no doubt already seen, we recently released Portainer 1.24.1 to address some security concerns raised by an external security professional. Full Credit to Iain Smart for reporting the findings (

Let me explain the changes, shown below, and why.

Portainer Business – A fork in the road

Continuing the theme of big changes in the Portainer world, today we’re announcing that we will be releasing a commercial version of Portainer in the next couple of months.

While our detailed thinking around the commercial versions of Portainer will be posted closer to the release, I would like to take this opportunity to outline our thoughts, as this is a pivotal and often polarizing moment in any OS project history.

Infographic – Portainer User Survey 2020

Recently we requested your input to complete a survey on how you use Portainer, where you use, how you rate it, and which features you love... we also asked you to tell us what features we dont have that really should...

Well, after 1200 responses in 3 days (thank you, this is awesome!!) we have compiled the below info-graphic to summarize.

Portainer for Kubernetes – BETA v2

What a whirlwind the last 5 weeks have been... we have received a simply staggering level of feedback and support for our first beta of Portainer for Kubernetes, with over 220,000 downloads, many positive confirmations of successful deployments across a multitude of Kubernetes versions, and Kubernetes platforms, and with a really low number of reported issues.