Portainer 1.24.0 – an update

Hi there Portainer community,

So this month we will be releasing Portainer 1.24.0, and this version is the last of our 1.XX releases, as we transition to Portainer 2.0, which will be released end of June.

As a way to "draw a line in the sand" in regards to our currently open bugs (which total approximately 107), we spent considerable time reviewing every bug, attempting to reproduce it, determining what was likely needed to fix it, and then assigning a priority and timeline for fix.

The bugs we have deemed critical, and will be resolved in Portainer 1.24.0 are:

Portainer 2.0, when released, will be incorporating solely new features, so all remaining bugs from 1.24.0 will be carried forward and fixed in Portainer version 2.1 (and onward), which is targeted for released in August.

Also note that a number of related bugs (bugs with the same root cause) have been rolled into a feature request as the bug is a consequence of design decisions made during Portainer development. Feedback will be gathered on the two feature requests, and then a timeline published to implement the feature, likely in Portainer 2.1 onward.

  • Roll-up Issue 1 - Logging
    • All issues regarding the Portainer Log viewer have been grouped into a single feature request to rewrite the log viewer
  • Roll-up Issue 2 - Compose support on standalone host
    • All issues released to Compose on Standalone hosts have been grouped into a single feature request to replace libcompose (the library we use to provide this capability).

On top of the bugs above, we have looked at the open feature requests (which total approx 420), and elected to include the following in 1.24.0:

All remaining feature requests will be carried forward and considered as part of Portainer 2.x roadmap.

In closing, Portainer 1.24.0 will be the last release of the 1.xx family. Portainer 2.0 will be a release focused primarily on bringing support for Kubernetes to Portainer. Any open bugs or feature requests that are not specifically called out above will not be addressed until at least Portainer 2.1, aimed for August 2020.


Neil Cresswell






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