IPv6 Support in Portainer

One of the feature requests we have been putting off for far too long is to add support for IPv6 inside Portainer. We had no real reason for delaying adding this functionality other than a lack of knowledge on our part on how IPv6 worked, and knowing which elements Docker supported for it (and which bits of Docker didnt work well with it).

Finally, this all came to a head, and after some gentle encouragement from our user community, we got cracking and figured out how to make this work.

60+ hours of self-paced training on IPv6 later, numerous changes to the Portainer code, and we made it... Portainer 1.240.0 (being released end of May) will support IPv6 for the "bridge", "host", and "macvlan" networks inside Docker.

Unfortunately Docker support for IPv6 within Swarm is weak; the overlay and ingress networks do not work well with IPv6, so for that reason, we have not exposed the ability to configure IPv6 for them within Portainer (at this time).

If you want to use IPv6 in your Docker environment, and have been struggling, follow along with our new "How To" video here.

If you want to test a pre-release version of Portainer 1.24.0, you can use our "develop" image, which is portainerci/portainer:develop (note do not use this in production as its our "bleeding edge" version).

We strongly recommend using a modern OS and recent Docker version (we used Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Docker 19.03.8 for our testing); note we had no end of issues with CentOS 7, so would advise against using that version. We have not tried every OS combination, so your experience may differ.

Feedback appreciated, tell us which OS versions you try and which work well (and which dont).. we will update our FAQ with these learning's.



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