Portainer Release Testing

Before a release is initiated, the entire Portainer team dedicate time to complete comprehensive testing of the portainerci/portainer:develop & portainerci/agent:develop images.

Due to the complexity of the codebases, merged pull requests have the potential to interact with each other and cause bugs. If a bug is found, it is fixed, pushed and re-tested to ensure that the release is bug free.

For those that are interested, we have decided to share the testing we complete before each release - available here as an excel spreadsheet. As you can see it is quite an extensive list with over 300 test scenarios, however whilst its extensive, it doesn't (and can never) cover every possible deployment configuration.

We ask our community to please reach out to us on this post or any of our other communication channels if you have found a bug that is not currently covered by this plan, and we will update the plan accordingly.


    • Do you automate this list? We are setting this up now in-house unless you have a suite we can contribute to.


    • Neil Cresswell

      Believe it or not, but to date, we manually test each and every function, for each and every release. That said, we have just started playing with Cypress.io and will adopt that for automated testing, but that will occur over the next 2 releases. Feel free to contribute test scenarios back to us, as the more scenarios we can test for, the more reliable the product will be.


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