Portainer Support Policy

Hi there Portainer community.

As the uptake of Portainer continues to grow, we are faced with having to manage a  commensurate increase in the number of support requests coming in via our official Github page (https://github.com/portainer/portainer).

Being a free and opensource product, means we are heavily reliant on our community to provide "how to" support to our community, however there are times whereby the Portainer team will get involved to investigate reported bugs, or security vulnerabilities.

We have created an easy to follow flowchart which describes the conditions under which the Portainer development team will investigate reported issues. This flowchart will help to provide clarity on what our users should expect, and where a Portainer support agreement would be better placed to deliver to user support expectations.

For any reported issue, the Portainer team will immediately evaluate if the issue is simply a question, is reporting a security vulnerability, or is a bug report.

  • If the issue is identified as a question, we will either provide a link to the relevant documentation that the user can reference to answer their question, or we will direct the user to our Slack page (portainer.slack.com) to obtain interactive community support.
  • If the issue is identified as a security vulnerability, the Portainer team will immediately commence investigation without delay.
  • If an issue is identified as a bug, the Portainer team will look too see if this is the first reported instance of a bug, if it is, the issue will be placed in a holding pattern until other users report seeing the same issue. Once more than one user has reported the issue, we will move the issue onto the next stage.
  • The Portainer team will validate with the reporting users that the reported issue occurs against the latest version of Portainer, and if not, the team will ask the reporting users to upgrade to the latest version. If the issue remains with the latest release of Portainer, then we will move the issue on to the next stage.
  • The Portainer team will then attempt to replicate the reported bug against our (extensive) lab environment; if the bug can be reproduced, we will move the issue onto the next stage, which is the actual diagnosis of the issue. If the bug cannot be reproduced, we will seek additional information from the reporting users until such a time as we can reproduce the bug. Note that we cannot support every possible configuration, so if your configuration is not in our list, we will be unable to support your issue without a formal support contract.


So, what do you do if you require certainty that the Portainer team can support your particular deployment of Portainer against your specific environment, with your specific version of Portainer and/or Docker? That's when you need to consider paying for a formal support agreement. These agreements let us expand our Lab to include your configuration, and provides a way to ensure that if you open an issue, we will immediately look into the problem without delay. See https://www.portainer.io/products-services/portainer-business-support/ for more detail on our paid support plans.

Note that for any reported security vulnerability, the Portainer team will immediately commence investigation (as should be the case for all software products in our opinion).

Thanks and regards, Neil Cresswell, CEO & Co-Founder


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