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The Portainer Team is super excited today to introduce a range of new things to our User Community.
Firstly, we’re releasing Portainer Version 1.20 the latest version of Portainer with an array of new features, functions, updates and improvements.

Next is we’re announcing Portainer Extensions and launching our first extension solution – Portainer Registry Manager.
Registry Manager expands Portainer’s capability by allowing users to browse defined registries and manipulate registry content. Register Manager is available as an annual subscription which users purchase from inside the Portainer application. From now until the 31st March 2019 Registry Manager is offered at the special price of US$29.95 per Portainer instance. We hope you enjoy this extension and its functionality.

Over the course of the last 12-months, we have been asked (mainly) by enterprise customers for Portainer to provide enhanced technical support services; Due to that demand, we’re excited to now offer enterprise customers Portainer Technical Support Services available in two service levels: 9x5 business support and 24x7 critical support. Like Registry Manager, Portainer business support can be subscribed from inside the Portainer app.

To support the launch of these new initiatives we’re also pleased to switch on our refreshed website and we invite you to visit and have a look around

With over 10,000 GitHub Stars, more than 785-million docker pulls from Docker Hub, more than 150,000 active-concurrent-users and an estimated 6-million Portainer users and fans worldwide. These industry metrics mean that Portainer is a key contributor, advocate and champion of the worldwide container revolution and the Docker eco-system.
Thanks for reading our news and to our Users across the world - thank you for your continued support, positive feedback, energy and enthusiasm.


    • Hello,

      Portainer supported only version 2 for docker-compose, do you have a timeline to supported the version3


    • Neil Cresswell

      We only support v3 for SWARM environments, and have no intention of supporting v3 for standalone hosts. Why, because Docker have not made the Compose v3 API available for standalone hosts.


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